Our Story

BahSea was first conceptualized in 2016 by Ortam J. Rolle, a marine science journalist, who was born and raised in the Bahamas. Ortam has a deep-rooted love for the ocean that was first kindled as a child. She spent many days at the beach with her grandfather, Reuben Davis, who taught her how to swim.

Ortam and her grandfather at Saunders Beach, New Providence, Bahamas.

Throughout high school, Ortam’s love for the ocean was continually fueled. Her mother got her involved in a youth program at that time called Young Bahamian Marine Scientists (YBMS). This program reassured Ortam that working around the ocean was what she wanted to do.

In 2012, Ortam went off to college in the United States with the hope of becoming a marine biologist. Throughout her college journey, she discovered her passion for communication. She also recognized a need for mass communications skills in the field of marine science.

Scientists and non-profit organizations conduct countless groundbreaking research, conservation projects, and workshops but their work often go unnoticed.

Many people are unaware of the research and conservation efforts that occur right in their backyard. There seemed to be a disconnect between the marine science community and the wider public.

Ortam created BahSea to bridge this gap.

As an online publication, BahSea is devoted to researching information, creating content and educating the world about marine life.

It is our goal to provide a platform where people of all backgrounds can learn, discuss and share with one another all the ocean has to offer.

We hope to inspire our audience to protect and preserve our oceans and the creatures that call it home; through creative content, unique storytelling and community building.