Dory’s Extended Family: There are about 80 species of Surgeonfish

Many of us are familiar with Dory, the co-star of Pixar’s animated film, Finding Nemo. She is the forgetful sidekick of Nemo, the Clownfish that got lost in the open ocean.

Dory was such a hit in Finding Nemo that Pixar created a spin-off film titled Finding Dory.

In this film, we learn a little more about Dory’s life before she met Nemo. Everything from her childhood to who her parents were, and the friends she had, was revealed in the film.

In Finding Dory, we learn that other than her parents, Dory doesn’t have any other biological relatives. However, did you know in real life dory has about 80 cousins?

Pacific Regal Blue Tang
Side profile of Pacific Regal Blue Tang ©️ Ciar / CC-BY- SA 3.0

Dory, the fictional character was inspired by a real fish known as the Pacific Regal Blue Tang. The Regal Blue tang is a part of the Surgeonfish family. A family that is made up of about 80 different species!

Meet 25 of them in the slideshow below.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


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