André Musgrove: The Underwater Divergent

Every photograph he takes is absolutely stunning. From magnificent, serene photos that seem to be from a hidden world to mind-boggling shots that give you an adrenaline rush just by looking at it. André Musgrove has given new meaning to the word creative.

His photographs break the glass ceiling of what underwater photography looks like.

Bahamas Underwater Photographer
André Musgrove – Bahamian Underwater Photographer & Videographer

In the words of his friend, Beijing Rodgers, “deviating from the norm” is something Musgrove always sets out to do.

“For me, it makes so much sense, It’s what I aspire to do,” Musgrove said.

Underwater Deviant

A few years ago, Musgrove did just that. He left the security of working for a company and pursued his dream to be a freelance underwater photographer and videographer.

Ocean Oneness by (c) André Musgrove 2018 | Model: David Langlois

“I aspire to create [unique] concepts underwater using models and marine life to show coexistence,” Musgrove said. “I like to focus on shark conservation to promote sharks in a positive way.”

And Musgrove does just that.

(c) André Musgrove 2018
Angels & Demons by (c) André Musgrove 2018 | Model: Sabine Banet – David Langlois
Underwater Shark Handplant by (c) André Musgrove 2018 | Model: David Langlois

Earlier this year, one of Musgrove’s photographs went viral. The internet was extremely impressed by the “Underwater Shark Handplant” photograph. This photo also granted Musgrove a BuzzFeed feature.

The Underwater Shark Handplant photo even stirred up a little controversy. A few people believed that the photo was photoshopped. Musgrove quickly shut down those rumors by releasing footage of model, David Langlois preparing for the shot. The video got nearly 50 thousand views on Instagram.

Bahamas Underwater Photographer
Behind the scenes of Underwater Shark Handplant

Musgrove said that photoshoots like this one usually require a minimum of 5 people – the photographer, shark handler, model and 2 safety divers. The Underwater Shark Handplant’s shoot, however only consisted of André (photographer, safety diver, and shark handler) and David Langlois (model and safety diver).

“It went better than I expected, we were done in 45 minutes,” Musgrove said.

Salt Vagabond by (c) André Musgrove 2018 | Model: Sabine Banet

Bahamian on the map.

Around the same time of his BuzzFeed feature, Musgrove’s work made it to Good Morning America (GMA). GMA aired a story on the release of a Manta Ray named Leyley from the Atlantis Resort in the Bahamas.

Musgrove was the underwater videographer for the event.

With all the buzz his work has sparked, I asked Musgrove, what does the exposure mean to him.

“There aren’t many underwater photographs in the Bahamas who are actually Bahamian, Musgrove said. “With the exposure, I have an opportunity to represent my country.”

Being an ambassador for a country comes with a lot of responsibility. Much like the job of a Superhero and this DC comics fan is grateful for the opportunity.

Guardians of the Galax-Sea by (c) André Musgrove 2018 | Freedivers: Jeff Panella – Guido Magnani – David Langlois

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