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Blu3: Tankless Dive Systems

Blu3 is a Florida based company that specializes in light-weight, portable tankless dive systems. Blake Carmichael, CEO of Blu3 products, hopes to change the way people experience diving.
Nomad by Blu3 Products
“With new developments in all sorts of new technology, we can start making those [Dive] systems light, compact and really portable, to make diving easier for everybody,” Blake Carmichael said.
Blu3 currently has three products in the pipeline. Nemo, Nomad, and Neptune. Each system is designed to handle a specific dive depth.
Nemo     =     max depth | 10ft for one diver
Nomad   =    max depth | 35ft for one diver | 15ft for two divers
Neptune =    max depth | 65ft for two divers | 35ft for three divers
Go Beyond the surface – NEMO
Three divers using Nemo by Blu3
Scuba certification is not required to use Blu3 products. However, the company has a short course that all users must take in order for their device to be activated.
Nemo will be the first system the company releases. It is expected to be released at the end of 2018.
Learn more about Blu3 products by listening to S1E1 of our ‘All Things Ocean’ podcast.

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